5 ways to grow your business

Must of the business owners struggle to scale their business. In this article, I am going to explain how you can grow your business using digital marketing tools effectively by creating strategic content.


The first way to grow your business is by creating strategic content in your webpage through a blog or in your social media channels with relevant information for your audience. Please don’t sell yet. I’ll repeat “DO NOT SELL”. People hate companies and pages that sell in every single post or article. You need to solve their people problems first. You need to build a community. You need to build trust. You need to be an authority in your industry. 

That is why we recommend using the V3 Methodology.

V1 – Viral content, you need to share content that could go viral. Social media is driven by engagement. You need to have an emotional pulse on what people care about.

80% of the shares are based on the following topics:

  1. Inspirational.
  2. Funny
  3. Beautiful 
  4. Useful

So, now you know, in order to grow your business, first you need to create viral content that people will tend to share with friends and family, that way you will have more reach. 

This content has to be around 10% of your content. 

 V2 – Value. This content is providing value to your audience. You need to solve their problems. This content has so much value that people could pay for it. This must be the core of your content. It has to be around 80% of your content. Remember you need to give first before getting. 

V3 – Vending. Now you can sell. You have provided so much value to the audience that they will buy anything you are selling because they recognise you have given so much that they now want to give you something back. This content has to be around 10% of your content. 

Grow your business

2. Put the algorithms to work

Now, that you have created your content. You have your blog and you have been posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But what happens? You don’t get traction, no one reads your articles, you don’t have much of engagement?  

The content won’t move by itself. If you want to grow your business, you need to use paid advertising to boost your reach. You need to use Facebook ads, Google ads, etc to reach more people. That what I mean with put the algorithms to work. This is like an iceberg, only a small portion of the content that is generated on the internet is seen. So, to be in front of your audience, you need to pay, at least at the beginning of your journey. Then you will have organic reach, so you will be able to pay less.

Grow your business

3. Hide your sale

There is something called “Dark Post”, you don’t post your offers directly in your Facebook Page. If someone accesses your Facebook page and only see offers and selling content, they won’t like your page and they will leave. But if they see instead valuable content only, then they will stay, and they will like your page. That why we recommend using Dark Posts, in simple words, it is paid advertising that is directed to your audience that will not be seen on your Facebook page. 

4. Create Automated Digital Relationships

As we said before, people will not buy in the first shoot. People do not behave like that, they need to do their research about your product or service. They are going to look at your Facebook Page, they will google you, they will look for reviews. That is why you need to build your funnel and guide them using the following tools. 

  1. E-mail
  2. Facebook messenger
  3. WhatsApp

You need to build a lead database so you can communicate with them on different platforms. Messenger platforms are getting popular, so make use of them. There is a platform called ManyChat that will help you. 

5. Experimentation + Audit = Knowledge

Grow your business

Marketing is a science and rules change so fast, what works today may not work tomorrow. Platforms also change even we have new platforms, for example, TikTok. That is why you need to be testing your ads constantly, you need to audit your result in order to detect what is working and what is not working anymore. The game is not who knows more is who experiment more, who is learning more every day.

Now you know, if you want to grow your business you need to follow this 5 ways :

  • Don’t sell. Focus your resources on creating content
  • Put the algorithms to work – Move your content
  • Hide your sale – Use paid advertising to sell
  • Create Automated Digital Relationships – Use messenger tools to communicate with your audience
  • Experimentation + Audit = Knowledge Test everything, so you can learn more and more.

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