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Digital Marketing Made Simple for Real Estate Agents!

Being in Real Estate Industry is not a walk in the park, and you know that!

Getting quality leads feels like it’s impossible sometimes, and it takes months to convert those leads into Listings

That means you won’t be able to cash out immediately, and you won’t be sure if you’ll still be able to feed your family or yourself alone next week, making you think it’s even worth staying as a real estate agent.

Don’t worry! You are not alone in these trenches. Many real estate agents are experiencing the same thing as you.

And that’s why it’s your clever decision to read this article. At the end of this article, you will know the exact steps to attract more quality leads.

That means you are not a quitter and are not give up that easily. You have my full respect because of that!

After you finish this article, you can start building your pipeline that will bring quality leads to your door right away!  

STOP Doing What Everyone Else is Doing

So, you want to sell more properties, right?.

Well, if you want that, then you need to be different! You need to stop doing what everyone else is doing: cold calling, doorknocking, and letterbox dropping.

Those strategies work, but they have a couple of issues…

First, you’ll spend all day doing those activities and getting rejected over and over before you even get ONE that will want your service.

Second, everyone is doing it, and new agents are dropping the commission. That means you won’t be able to stand out from the other agents. In the eyes of your prospects, all agents are the same.

Third, it is not scalable. You will get stuck at some point, and you won’t be able to keep growing. You only get limited hours per day, and before you know it, your day is over, and you can’t get more leads


This article will teach you how to stop wasting your time using those old methods. It’s time to be different –  work smarter, not harder.

Imagine getting leads while spending time with your family and friends.

You will enjoy your life and the freedom it will give you.

No more calls while playing with your kids or having a nice dinner with your partner.

In this guide, you will learn how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that will bring in quality leads knocking on your door asking for your help. I will teach you what to do in each step and which tools you need to implement your strategy.

In digital marketing, there are four levels every business needs to follow. Unfortunately, not all companies are doing it or start in the wrong order. If you finish reading this, you’ll get the edge that other agents don’t have!

4 Levels of Digital Marketing

  1. Strategy – (Content Strategy ) – Sharable / Educational / Selling / Social Proof
  2. Tactics ( Test and conversation ) – Define the platform you are going to be
  3. Contact ( Personal communication ) – How will you communicate with them?
  4. Execution ( Sales and Optimisation) – Close the sale and monitor each platform.

The end goal is to build your personal brand. People like people; that’s why the first step is to show that you are human, just like your prospects.

You need to be in front of your potential customers, and they need to see you as the GO-TO Real Estate Agent in your area.

So, are you ready to start your transformation? Do you want to be the GO-TO Real Estate Agent?

I need to warn you, though, it’s not going to be easy at first, you will need to put in a lot of work at first, but it will pay off in the long run. 

But I know you can do it; you are not a quitter, that’s why you are reading the article.

Let's get started!

1. STRATEGY (Content Strategy)

The strategy is simple, but the execution can be complicated. The objective of this step is to make sure your potential customers:

  1. Know you
  2. Like you
  3. Trust you
  4. List with you


Because you can’t expect a person who wants to sell their house choose you just because he/she saw you ONE TIME.

Studies state that to close a transaction, the customer must see you around 20 to 30 times.

As you can see, you can’t expect to get a listing if your customers don’t know you, and of course, you won’t get a listing if your customers DON’T LIKE or DON’T TRUST YOU. It’s a process so take it easy

It’s like getting married. You won’t just walk up to someone and ask them to get married on the first date, right?

So, how do we make sure your potential customers know about you? Well…

We know that 70.6% of Australia’s population is on Facebook and 42% is on Instagram.

So, the chances your ideal customer is on those two platforms are HIGH. That’s why we are going to leverage those two social media platforms.

We will leave TikTok for another article – However, it is a must to be on that platform as well.

How can you do that?

By creating a content strategy.

The content you share on those two platforms is critical. That’s the way we are going to make sure your potential customer know about you. Now, you have to understand that organic growth is almost null, and you will struggle to reach new people. And you want as many potential leads to see you.

That’s why you need to set a budget to be in front of more people. It doesn’t have to be huge, $10 aud per piece of content will be enough to identify people interested in selling their house.

I recommend to do videos, that way, you can retarget people who watched 50% or 100% of your videos and make sure those persons are getting familiar with you.

Now, you might be asking, “But what should I share to make sure my $10aud won’t go to waste?”

Below is the recommended distribution of your content.

  • Sharable            (20%)
  • Educational       (60%)
  • Selling                (10%)
  • Social Proof       (10%)

The shareable content is very important because those posts will allow you to reach more people organically. There was a study that analysed what type of content people share, and they found that 80% of the sharable content was in 4 categories


4 Categories of shareable content

  1. Inspirational
  2. Useful
  3. Funny
  4.  Beautiful

Now, MOST of your content should be educational. I say education because your goal should be to  HELP PEOPLE at this point. You have to be solving your prospects’ issues even if their problems are not directly related to selling their house.

For example, let’s say your target audience is People Who Need To Downsize.

Maybe one of their problems is that they can’t maintain the house in good shape. So, they need tips to mow the lawn, or cleaning companies or a person to clean their windows, etc. Those types of problems you need to help them solve.

"Keep The Selling And The Social Proof To A Minimum" for now!

Or if you are doing it, use Social Media Advertising to get it out there and let people know you can help them List their house with you. Make sure you promote emotions and benefits (Not features)

We want you to have a clean Facebook Page that when people check your page, they see that you are “that person” who helps people like them to solve their problems and not just someone who constantly wants to reach out to their wallets

If you want to learn more about content strategy, we can help you out. Learn more

"Trigger Their Emotions"

Or if you are doing it, use Social Media Advertising to get it out there and let people know you can help them List their house with you. Make sure you promote emotions and benefits (Not features)

We want you to have a clean Facebook Page that when people check your page, they see that you are “that person” who helps people like them to solve their problems and not just someone who constantly wants to reach out to their wallets

If you want to learn more about content strategy, we can help you out. Learn more

2. TACTICS (Test and Conversations)

Now that we have our content strategy in place, it’s time to decide which platform to be on

I recommend starting with Facebook or Instagram, as most people will be there. But, you will decide that based on your Target Audience.

For example, if you are a commercial Real Estate, maybe it is worth being on Linkedin as you will find more investors there.

Or, if you are talking to women, then Pinterest could be a good option.

My recommendation is to pick one platform. Learn how it works and what works on it. Then you can move to another platform. The objective is to build an audience of potential customers. In other words, you are making a tribe, and you need to be the leader.

When we try to be on different platforms, we will be in NONE of them. I’m telling you, you will forget about a couple of them, or even if you don’t forget it will consume a lot of your time as you need to create different content for all the platforms.

I have visited so many websites of Real estate agencies, and a lot of them have 4 to 6 Social Media icons. However, when you click on them, you land on a Social media page with a post from MONTHS  or YEARS ago, or worst, the LINK IS BROKEN, or it directs you to the same page.

Please, please don’t do that. If a potential client is trying to get more information about you and found your links are broken, they will LEAVE, and you won’t see them again.

Here Are Some places where you Can Distribute your content:

  1. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,etc)
  2. Website – Blogging
  3. YouTube (The new TV)
  4. Podcast (The new Radio)

3. CONTACT(Personal Communication)

Now you have your content strategy and have chosen one platform to start with. It’s time to get leads or get their contact information.


Because you need to start having real conversations with your audience. That will lead them to get your services eventually. So, how do you do that?

We are going to follow the same principle as the content strategy. However, in this step, we will focus 100% on solving problems related to our service, Selling houses.

That’s why we need to investigate all about our target audience. If you know the issues they have, you will look like an expert on selling houses! And they will trust you!

Create an ebook, video tutorial, articles, etc. of a problem that they want to solve

The value that you are going to give away must be HIGH QUALITY. When I say, HIGH-QUALITY is because people could have paid for that information. That way, you will get your potential customer’s trust. They need to think, “If they are giving this for FREE, imagine what they will do if I paid them.”

The most common ways to have conversations with your customers are:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Email
  • SMS

So, as we mentioned, you will need to create a couple of High-Quality content (eBooks, videos, etc) – all of them will solve a particular problem. The objective is to promote the content and exchange it for their contact details.

The easiest way is to ask for their email. Nowadays. Most people are willing to share their email. So, if you go with this strategy, you will get a high volume. However, they will be of poor quality. Then, you will need a good email campaign to warm them up.

The second-best option is Facebook Messenger; you can tell them to send you a message if they want to get the ebook. That way, you will get direct access to them, and you can start conversations with them. Now, you must get automated software to make most of the conversations. If not, you will be stuck having all the conversations.

The hardest one is through WhatsApp or SMS. Why? Because people are not willing to give up their phones that easy. You need to give a lot of value, so they are willing to share the mobile number. The good thing about this strategy is that you will get more quality leads.

4.EXECUTION (Sales and Opmitisation)

Finally, It is time to convert those leads into paying customers (Listings).

At this point, you should already be getting traction from your Facebook Page or whichever platform you decide to use.

We need to leverage all that information. There is a piece of code called “Pixel” it is a code that Facebook has that will allow you to retarget all your website or Landing Page’s visitors even if they didn’t provide any information to you.

That is why when you try looking for something on the internet like new furniture for your home, you start seeing ads posts about it LIKE MAGIC!

It is not magic, it’s because one page you have visited has the “Pixel” installed so they can identify you as an interested lead, and they can send you more information about their products.

The same happens with your Facebook Page and Messenger. Facebook will allow you to target people who have interacted with your Facebook page (Like, watch a video, like a post, or comment).

So, that is the first step in execution, leverage all the interactions potential customers are having online with you without giving you any information.

The second part is to leverage all the leads that gave you some information.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Calls
  4. SMS

The objective of getting some information about your leads is to send them valuable information. Information to keep them engaged with you. The difference here is that we will ask them to buy or book an appointment with you.

As you are a Real Estate Agent, you want to have personal meetings with potential sellers to show your services,  strategies, and provide accurate appraisals.

At this point, those potential customers know you and like you because you have helped them so much that they will be more than happy to work with you.


Most people wouldn’t even finish this articles and they’ll just go back doing the same thing. But If you finished reading this and followed all these steps, you’re on your way to getting quality leads knocking on your door while not wasting your time cold calling, door knocking, or letter dropping.


I know it is a lot of information to digest, so if you would like, we can have a chat, and I can explain to you in more details this steps so you can spend more time closing deals rather than chasing cold leads.

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