How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to create a Digital marketing Strategy

In this article, we are going to talk about How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy to get more customers in order to make more money!. This is based on the book called “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib. This book changed the way I worked with my clients and the way to see Marketing. I strongly recommend to buy the book and read it if you want to get serious about Marketing.

When I started as a Digital Marketer a made a lot of mistakes and I’m still doing them. I think that is the key to progress in life. You need to try and try until you get it right. The BIG BIG mistake was to think that I could sell to anybody or everybody and probably that has a bit of truth. However, if you want to grow faster and have better results you need to Pick your Audience! You need to pick a niche and work for them, only for them. Why? because you will be seen as an Authority on that field, but most importantly, you will know everything about them, that way you will know what they want? and how they want it? and guess what? you will give it to them!

So, please, choose a target market.

How to create a Digital marketing Strategy

Now, the book explains that big companies usually do mass marketing or brand marketing, this type of marketing is useful when you have a big marketing budget. However, this is not the way small business should do marketing. If you are thinking that your target market is everyone, then you are a step close to failing in your business. That is why it is really important to spend some(a lot of) time picking the correct target market.

As a small business, you need to focus on a niche. Niche is a subset of a category. It is a specific market, for example, Moms who just had a baby. Yes, it has to be specific and that is the way you want to start. You need to focus all your efforts on the niche to try to dominate it. Once you dominate the market, then you can expand and do marketing to a broader audience.
Why choose a niche? because when you do that, you will get the most of your marketing campaigns, people who will see your advertisement will say, hey, that is me. So they will connect with it and consider it as an option.

Secondly, when you focus on a niche, then the price gets irrelevant. People don’t care about the price when they see you as a specialist, they will pay whatever you charge if you are giving solutions to their problems, ideally to the problems that don’t let them sleep at night. A good example of this is doctors when you need to go to a specialist because he is good on what he does, then you don’t care how much he will charge you, you just need his help. But, how can you decide which is my target market or my niche? You need to think about three aspects based on the book.

4 aspects you need to consider.

Personal fulfilment – How much do you enjoy working for this niche?.

Value to the market place  – How much do your customers value your service or product?.

Profitability – when selling to them, how much are you earning?. 

I will add a fourth one: Confident – How confident do you fell about helping them?. Do you know them already? do you have any experience?

Even though it is not as important as the first three, it will help you succeed faster. 

So, you can choose a couple of target markets and score them base on the three aspects we discussed above:

Here an Example

How to create a Digital marketing Strategy

Based on your table, you can conclude, your best option will be to focus first on single women as they will perceive more value to your product and they will pay more for your product. 

Now, that you have decided your target market you need to ask you some questions about it. If you have a picture print it and think on the following questions.

  • Gender / age/ geography
  • What keeps them awake at night? 
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What makes them angry?
  • What trend are they after?
  • What are their frustrations or what makes them get frustrated?
  • Do they express in a specific language? 
  • What magazines do they read? 
  • What websites do they visit? 
  • How is a day like?
  • What is the one thing they want?

Finally, after thinking about all these questions, you need to create an avatar, the more specific you are with it, the better marketing campaigns you are going to create. 

Please take your time to choose your NICHE so you can create a good Avatar. You will see the results if you do it. If I see a recurrent problem in small business is that. Small businesses are desperate to get sales, so they think if they target more people they will get more sales, and that is wrong. As we said, the more specific you are the best chances you will have to succeed.

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