Do you want to be flooded with
Appraisals and Quality Buyers


(Perfect for Real Estate Agency owners, Independent Agents, and Property developers)

How do we make it happen?
We apply our T.A.P System

Target Audience


Identify your ideal Seller and understand him/her, then direct them to you

Get more clients


Attract them by solving their problems Provide value

Selling Machine


Develop a compelling presentation that does most of the selling for you.

As a business owner that wants to close more deals
and maximise your seller's property price
while living a great life
there's only one thing you need:

>> The Best Quality Leads You Can Find <<

Ever struggled to get to sleep asking yourself:

- How can I get more appraisals?
- How can I get quality buyers, ready to buy?
- How can I make more sales?

Here is the truth

You don't care about marketing - right?
You just want to serve your sellers and find the best buyers,
make money and live a great life…

And it all comes down to ONE THING…


So, how do you get more appraisals…?

You need a high-quality system to find sellers
Which means you need a highly profitable pipeline
for your business, so you win, your business wins,
your staff wins (if you have any)
and your customers win…

Why do you need all this…? Well, the exact reason you got into business…


So, if you’re a Real Estate Agency Owner
or Independent Agent, we can help you.

The more customers you have, the more money you make!

Alfredo Baltazar

A little about me

My name is Alfredo Baltazar. 

For 15 years, I have worked in the automotive industry, assisting iconic brands like General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, and BMW increase their sales and market share.

About two years, my wife started her own small business, and I have witnessed first-hand her struggles in establishing, and then growing a customer base for a small range of healthy food products. I realised that the knowledge and many of the skills that I have acquired, assisting the big players in the automotive industry could also be applied to Real Estate Agency Owners and Independent Agents.
So I have taken the leap and started my own business providing professional advice and guidance to Real Estate Agency Owners and Independent Agents in the management of their lead generation processes, using our proven 3 STEPS appointment T.A.P. System.
(Since adopting this easy to follow 3 Step System, my wife’s sales have increased by an amazing 60%, and she is now looking to expand her product range!)
But enough about me…!

The T.A.P. system
has helped thousands people create
successful businesses

Here is what you are going to get with our Services:

- More Real Estate Listings
- Sell More Property At Higher Prices
- Maximise Your Marketing Budget

All that, so you can stop relying on Portals (REA or Domain)

We are going to get you in front of more sellers and quality buyers.
We will ensure you are always Top of Mind of your sellers and buyers.

Also, We are going to produce a Dashboard so you can see the results we are generating. This will give you the certainty of our services and at the same time it will help us optimise your results.

Customers reviews

He changed my life. My business has been growing as never before. T.A.P System is simple but effective
I can't thank him enough. Amazing job!! He is a result-driven person and always willing to improve my results. Love his work.
My biz is growing, Im getting 2-3 listings a and 25 leads a month. Thank you Alfredo

We have limited spots available.

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